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Creative Minds is an innovative series of art and craft consisting of eight books (A, B, C, 1 to 5) for children at the pre-primary and primary levels. It contains graded activities and lays equal emphasis on drawing, sketching, colouring and creativity. The series aims at enhancing creativity and building self esteem in children through projects work designed exclusively for them.

Main Features of the Series

  • Smooth development of hand and eye coordination and psychomotor skills
  • A perfect blend of art and craft
  • Covers a variety of themes like shapes, plants, animals, people, fairytale characters, cartoons, landscapes, etc.
  • Concise, crisp and clear instructions
  • Original art and craft ideas using waste material
  • Step-by-step directions for each activity
  • Suitable sample illustrations wherever necessary
  • A wide range of art and craft activities including cutting, tearing, pasting, colouring, finger printing, leaf printing, masks, puppets, origami, paper craft in 3D, cardboard models
  • Helping use various drawing and colouring tools like pencils, felt-tip pens, glitters, water colours, pencil colours, a variety of paints, crayons, oil pastels etc.
  • Ample opportunities for self-expression and a feeling of accomplishment

For the Teacher

  • Ask children to keep their materials handy before starting their task.
  • Encourage children to participate fully, both during and while preparing for an activity.
  • Let children touch, smell and examine the art materials provided to them.
  • Allow children to use their imagination and create their own individual work.
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